Post #1

Introduction: I’m Kylie Shaw I’m a sophomore and a Biology and Environmental Studies double major with a math minor.  I play varsity soccer and work as a tour guide in the admissions office.  I’m from Washington, Pennsylvania which is a bit outside of Pittsburgh.

Readings:  This book does a really good job of exploring an environment that has nature and industry fighting against each other so strongly.  I’m not surprised that this area ended up the way it did with New York City being so close, but I’m pretty sure the people would have been happier in their town without all of the attempts to build it up.  The original descriptions of the area sounded so beautiful with the trees and the meadow, and any attempt to improve it only made it worse.  This area is a perfect example of too many people seeing land being wasted, when the land is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing.

Project Ideas:

Putting up bat boxes around campus as well as teaching people about why it is beneficial to the area.

Contacting the Ohio Wildlife Center to ask if they have any community or field projects that I could do for them.

Collecting litter around campus and around Delaware and possibly making something out of it

Current Event: The invasive species of the Mediterranean Sea due to the Suez Canal has had a harmful affect on the native species and environments and raised concerns for the people who live off of the Mediterranean, but the problem has been ignored up until last year.  Last year at a EuroMarine workshop, the issue was brought up and new ideas to mitigate and manage the problem are being discussed.

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