Post #1-Dom

Intro: My name is Dominick Anthony Orsini and I am from Massillon, Ohio (NE Ohio). I am a senior majoring in Economics Management and minoring in Accounting. I played football for 4 years at OWU as well as multiple other intramural sports. I also work the front desk in the weight room at OWU.

3 Ideas:

1.) Rid the purchases of water bottles in fraternities by installing convenient water access to each floor of their building.

2.) Rid the campus and surrounding areas in Delaware of invasive plant species.

3.) Look for affordable ways to create renewable energy on  campus.


Current Event: “Trump advances controversial oil pipelines with executive action”(CNN)

-On Tuesday, newly elected President Donald Trump signed an approval to build the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines. With this approval, the pipelines cause risk of polluting water and air throughout its route. Due to these risk, protesters quickly assembled in scrutinizing the Trump Administration, speaking out that the administration is seeking their own interest instead of America’s interest. With this approval of the oil pipelines, which was denied during the Obama Administration, it is possibly foreshadowing a dark future for the environment around our country due to a new president who has already vowed to slash environmental protection regulations.



-Sullivan does a great job of presenting his audience with a piece of nature that has rejected human alteration and development. This book brought to my attention how any piece of nature, ugly or beautiful, can positively affect a person, by bringing them either peace of mind, calmness, or helps them to “escape the real world”. This book opened my eyes up to how much untouched nature around us is being consumed by human use, which is taking away homes from animals and plants that are inhabited there. This made me think about how much land humans have actually affected, which according to national geographic, the “human footprint” has been seen on 83% of earth’s land. This shows that one day people might have to convert to Sullivan and the other’s vision of an industrial toxic wasteland as a spot to enjoy nature and get away from city life.

-In the article “The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature” I found it interesting when Cronon talked about how humans need to remember that we are also apart of the nature, but that wilderness sometimes makes us feel like we are not, which when we feel that way it will lead us to be irresponsible with nature because we create a thought that we are better than it, which in reality we are apart of it.


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