Final Project

Project Title:

Owu Eco-Contatiners




Last year, Ohio Wesleyan introduced the “reusable green to-go box” at Hamwill. These boxes could be purchased for a $5 charge which will be refunded upon return of the box, located around campus (Hamwil, Stuye Face, Bishop Cafe, Merrick). Our project will aim to spread knowledge about the box and how it impacts our University and environment. Although totally switching to the “green box” seems like the obvious choice, there are still many problems that it faces. The two main issues we plan to focus on are the appeal of the “green boxes” to the student body and if it is possible to work with Chartwells in order to figure out a way to completely switch over to the “green boxes” that fits within their budget.




Our main objective for our project was to provide more knowledge about the logistics surrounding the eco-containers in order to increase their appeal to students, and to increase the likelihood of them becoming the primary choice for to-go boxes. In order to do this we had to get a baseline of information to see where we were as a campus in terms of use and information regarding the green boxes. We first met with the Tree house to talk about the road barriers and issues with making the transition. We found that the two biggest issues were appeal and money. In order to hopefully solve these problems, we connected with other campuses and did research on how they managed to use these as a primary to-go box. From there we planned to meet with Chartwell’s and distribute surveys to students regarding the green boxes.


Project Participants:


Munir Qaddourah and Jassiem Shabazz




Connected with 4 schools that use some form of containers.

– Mount Holyoke

-Columbia University

-Williams College

-Berea College

Gave a Survey to 75 students and recorded first 50 volunteers


-Survey Questions

  1. Rate the overall effectiveness of the green containers program
  2. Would you consider using the eco-containers if they were free?
  3. What is the biggest concern you have regarding the program?
  4. Have you heard of the OWU eco-container program?




Question 1- highest scores 2/5 and 4/5

Question 2- Yes 62%, No 16%, Maybe 22%

Question 3- Convenience 24, Price 13

Question 4- Yes



  • (10/3) – A meeting has been scheduled with the Tree House to being discussing our project and how we will go about it
  • (10/4) – We have began to compile a list of schools currently using more environmentally friendly dining options and contact information for the schools



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