Pat Watson: The Meadowlands 8/31

This book was a nice and enjoyable read describing the author, Robert Sullivan’s, experiences exploring what is called the meadowlands. The meadowlands is essentially about a 30 square mile swamp which over time has attracted a beautifully diverse ecosystem and also much of the not so beautiful byproducts of human life. Especially with the meadowland’s proximity to New York City. In fact this swamp has been written of and documented since the early settlers arrived in NYC simply because of its extensive size and mass. Sullivan describes his years of traveling through the swamp and all the while observing and taking notes of what he was seeing from the birds to the aquatic life to the human impact and remains, he has it all.

I think this book was well written and entertaining enough to be accessible to anyone willing to just give it a read. When you think about how this huge swamp and how close it is to New York and New Jersey it is no wonder it is in such a crisis. The city has used this space consuming swamp a dump for decades and the remnants are everywhere. When you think about most other areas in the United States with the same amount of swampland, it is protected sheerly by its inconvenience to inhabit, but with the proximity to one of the biggest cities in the US the meadowlands have long been subject to its pollution.

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