Pat Watson: Environmental Issue 11/2

Cool roofs and the heat island effect: the evidence is in the-evidence-is-in/85938

As discussed in class the urban heat island is a very real and unnatural occurrence. Localized heat inflections gives way to to sublimates and varying ecosystems within small physical distances. This article discusses this in order to present a new tested and seemingly simple fix, white and colored roofing. By deflecting the suns light these roofs adsorb substantially smaller amounts of the solar energy and therefore avoiding the main cause of the urban heat island phenomena.

This article was well written and used heat analysis tests to decide the true presence or level of roof color impact. With strong evidence for a light color decreasing heat energy locally. While the environmental system might not be immediately changed this knowledge being put to effective use could make a huge impact to decrease the effects of UHI could have a huge effect on stabilization on local and temporal scales. The data was credibly compared to more tangible units, allowing the reader to understand that light roof coloring could have an effect larger than you ever imagined. While the argument benefitted from this statistic I still think the areal heat analysis photos are the strongest piece of evidence for this movements credibility and effectiveness. This article was well written and aimed at anyone with general interest in subject giving different resources and studies.

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