Pat Watson: Environmental Issue 10/26

Climate Engineering may Save Coral Reefs, Study Shows (

Geoengineering is the idea of engineering our own climate with the use of advance technology. If geoengineering works soon enough it could save countless species of all kinds of living things. One highly susceptible ecosystem, coral reefs, would specifically be benefitted by Solar Radiation Management (SRM). Coral reefs are extremely fragile ecosystems, each specific to that ocean’s pH and temperature, and even the slightest of changes causes death of the coral called coral bleaching. With ocean acidification happening all over the global our coral reefs are pushed into even narrower temperature thresholds. This article explains a scholarly article showing that different geoengineering techniques will have different direct effects on the overall problem of climate change and coral reefs are most benefitted by SRM.

I thought this article was very interesting but was definitely focused on those who are already apart of the environmental community simply by the specificity of the topic. That being said the article was well written and easily read and understood. I think more information explaining how other geoengineering techniques would compoundly impact coral reef vitality would have created a more big picture view of these ecosystem’s future. However it was clear from this article that coral reefs are highly threatened by climate change and SRM could really help them.

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