Notes on Reading: Meadowlands**


I honestly found this to be a fascinating read. The way he describes the Meadowlands and its history is honestly very interesting and it seems to be a weird combination of toxic dump/failed attempts at development and the stubbornness of ‘nature’ persevering through all of it. While it isn’t traditional wilderness it really does blur the line. There is no mistaking human influence and structures but it still has a sense of wild-ness to it that refuses to submit. The way in which he approaches and explores it is something I would honestly be interested in but to be honest it seems like he went through a lot and more in depth than many others (including myself) would likely go. It is admirable and I am kinda considering visiting there if I ever get the chance as although it may not be the exact same as when he visited, it is still something I would like to see for myself and maybe even study (as a person interested in Environmental Science).

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