Garbage Matters: Carter Rae and Munir Qaddorah

Whats a billion dollar industry that most people have never even heard of? Waste trade. This is what Sarah Moore’s “Garbage Matters: Concepts in New Geographies of Waste” is all about as she explains what waste is and the different ways one can interpret it. Moore focuses on the social sciences, both political and economical, that that sandwich wrap you threw away. The commodity chain for that piece of waste can end up in a landfill but its value that it has can be spread around with positive or negative effects.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 4.16.12 PM.png

As a Hazard

As a Resource

As a Commodity

As a Manageable Object

As Archive

This is not a book but a scientific article in Human Geography. With the intention more on presenting an insight into waste in terms of social sciences, the writing is hard to understand at times. Key words like “fetishized commodity” is something that you don’t hear often.

Can objects be defined positively or negatively?

Do certain social processes pre-exist objects and subjects together help to constitute society and space?

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