Environmental news: Brad Brodek 11/15


As of right now 2016 is set to become the hottest year on record. It is also set to be the hottest year by a large margin. Temperatures in morocco have been gathered and are 2.2˚F above pre industrial times. 2015 was the hottest year to date and looks like its going to be broken after just one year. Also this banner year follows what was the hottest five-year period on record, 2011-2015. When 2016 takes over the title of hottest year, it will also mean that 16 of the 17 hottest years in the books will have occurred in this century, the only exception being the intense El Niño year of 1998. All of this shows that the earth is warming and at a steady rate. Which brings up the questions of when will it stop, how hot will it reach and also will animals, vegetation and humans be able to survive in these temperatures? Reports also show that we have reached record high carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and also record low Arctic sea ice levels.





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