Placing Animals Discussion

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Initial thoughts: In my professional opinion this was not a great book as an academic resource. The good points could be summed up in less than 20 pages.

Discussion Questions and Points:

1. Any incredible revelations in the book? For me it was mostly becoming aware of contradictions in thought.

Bestiality, Called it! Also that guy did actually die and the act was while he was filming it if you are curious.

2. Differentiation of what an animal is and what it means to be human

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3. Animal Symbols

4. Dominance and control over animals

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5. Does labeling work? Is it possible to only purchase goods that you believe are completely ethical? Is this different in other places of the world?

6. Should animal farming for food be treated and studied differently than farming for furs or other non-food animal parts? Does the US have examples of this or just in other countries? Does this show an ethical, cultural, or economic differences?

7. Does the endangered species act contribute to the specieist problem by placing them above others and placing some of the only legal policy concerning animals to protect them? Should these lives always be put above others?

Image Source Death Valley pupfish

8. Does recognizing individual animals and the species needs within a lab ruin subjectivity?

9. Should we be aware that human interactions can affect or enhance human and nonhuman animal interactions?

10. Based on the strategies in the last textbook and the views in this book, is there a peaceful better solution for animal agriculture than going backwards?

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