Carter Rae: Placing Animals

Placing Animals is an interesting read that brings up the human-animal relationship that exists. Issues such as how different mediums influence our perception of animals and ideas like bestiality and animal driven economies.

Urbanik starts off talking about the legal aspect of animals, incorporating past movements to preserve their homes and way of life. Preservation of their natural habitat is a must, she describes, for the well being of not just the animals but people as well. Chapter 2 goes on to talk about normal animal activities like dogs playing at a park and going on runs while also commentating on bestiality. Reading this I was a little grossed but carried on. Then she moved onto to the “working” class of animals like horses, guide dogs and even to lab rats and other such animals. This was interesting as testing products on animals is one of the main concerns about animal rights so it was good to hear an argument from a so called “expert”. Then it was farm and wildlife animals.

Main ideas that were discussed that have a global scope were the declining number of biodiversity going on in the animal kingdom, climate change and its impact on the animal kingdom, and finally land use patterns.

Current News

Since Donald Trump has publicly denied climate change by labeling it a hoax created by the Chinese and with the election in full swing I thought it would be good to include this relevant news. Trump states that if in office then he will roll back and ease environmental policies that the Obama Administration had imposed, in an effort which Obama took very serious during his presidency, in an attempt to allow for business operations to be done with little government regulation. However the UN aims to control Trump from taking things too far and out of hand. The Paris Agreement, this article brings up, is a sort of saving grace.

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