Pat Watson: Environmental Issue 10/2

National Geographic: Green Roofs Take Root Around the World

This article begins the conversation of green roofs in recognition of new legislation popping up which reacquires such roofs. The major list of benefits of green roofs, which is defined as green space of solar panels, includes temperature mediation for the building, improvement of city air quality, and helps mitigate the urban heat island. It captures rainwater and runoff and generally improves the city. The big news is that cities all over the world are requiring any new construction to have any said % being sustainable roofing. San Francisco is the first American city to require green roofing even though this phenomenon has already starting sparking up in cities across the nation. The good news on the global scale is that these rooftops are being embraced or enforced in cities all over the world and leading to only increased benefits to everyone including the environment. While this is interesting, and seemingly minimal, good news, the environmental success must be noted because I think it highlights a more positive side of the environmental current events. While there is little positive things in terms of our environments anywhere on the globe I think that it is important to share the good news to hopefully continue to connect people to the endless benefits (ecologic and economic) of environmental sustainability.

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