Pacia Purcell: Current Environmental Event

“Can Birth Control Save Our Wild Horses?”

National Geographic

Wild horses are rapidly overpopulating their lands. They are living in an area that cannot support their vast numbers causing land degradation reducing the already strained amount of food and water available. Wild horses are protected, however because of their increasing population federal and state agencies suggested the euthanasia of some of the animals. This was met with protests from the public, and was thus not used. Next they suggested sterilization of mares, which was also met with protests from the public. They thought that this would affect the behavior of the mares, causing them to become just regular pasture animals. Finally, they decided that a yearly vaccine of birth control was worth a try. Although this was also met with some protests, there seems to be little other options. Now the only thing to do is wait to see if the birth control has any effect on the population size of these wild horses.

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