Environmental News 10/4: Brad Brodek


Since we were on the topic of eating animals I picked this article which is about chicken farms and how “free range” poultry and eggs are “not all they’re cracked up to be.”  The government allows these farms to sell their poultry as “free range” even if the animals never even go outside, but if the have the option to (even just for 5 minutes by having one door open) they are considered “free range.” Many buyers look specifically for these labels because they do not agree with the inhuman ways chickens are raised at other farms, but little do they know the chicken they are buying are raised almost the exact same way. The government also has no restriction on the number of birds in one location or the space per bird, therefor they can literally be stacked on top of each other and still be “free range”????? Turkeys and chickens also have their beaks trimmed at a young age which lead them to bleed and sometimes get infections because these living conditions frustrate them and they start fighting, also very inhumane. The main thing we should know is that these animals farms literally only care about money and their profit so they will do anything to make a few more dollars even in that is hurting the chicken.

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