Eating Animals 10/4: Brad Brodek

Eating animals is a book written by a vegetarian who tells us about his struggles being on. Why he is one through experiences, what goes on at animal factories and cruel details that open many eyes. The whole reason he writes this book and does the research is to see if he should let his future son eat meat or be a vegetarian like him. One question he brings up early is “Why do we eat some animals and not others?” which in my opinion is a valid question although some people might be rather mad hes asking this. He talks about how hes never really been an animal person wither they were domesticated or wild he says that people are hypocrites and love their pets, but yet eat animals similar to them everyday. I do not agree with this because yes we eat animals, but we don’t have emotional or physical connections with them like we do cats and dogs. Although he believes this he falls in love with a puppy named George that he keeps which is a reason he thinks people are hypocrites. Another thing he brings up is the fact that humans were once considered animals, but no we are better than everyone else. He also asks why it is acceptable to eat animals and not humans. This is a bold question to ask in my opinion but it gets the readers mad/upset which can lead to argument. I don’t believe there is anyone who actually thinks we should eat humans so I’m not sure if he is just asking that to start an argument or he actually believes something like if his son dies we should eat him since he is also an “animal”.

He writes Tyson explaining that he wants to learn more about how meat is processed and their living conditions. When he gets to see the chickens it is shocking what he sees. Chickens are so crammed together in small cages and drinking water that is full of their fecal matter, he actually refers to the water in the cages to “fecal soup”. This is the reason I believe most vegetarians don’t eat meat because of the cruel conditions these animals are breed into just to be killed never having a chance. This is also a thing I have a strong opinion on, I believe that the conditions are cruel and awful. Chickens walk all over each other killing many also the living condition is filthy and diseases are spread all the time because of these reasons. If these chickens have diseases and we eat them, don’t you think that is a problem and could lead to humans getting sick. After reading this it got me interested in it and did some side research about these chicken farms and one thing I found that I never knew as how chicken farms had no restrictions and could be inhumane as they wanted which was normally they truth just so they can make as much profit as possible. Another thing I learned was,

“Egg production produces “excess” male chicks with no commercial value since male birds don’t lay eggs. Therefore, the baby brothers of all hens used for all egg production – regardless of the label – are suffocated to death in trash cans, electrocuted, gassed, or ground up alive as soon as they break out of their shells. For every “free-range,” “cage-free,” or “organic” hen, a baby rooster is born and trashed. No federal laws protect chickens from abuse under any label.” ( )

this really opened my eyes on these farms and how they really do only care about money and a profit.

“Eating animals” talks about both the sad and negative reasons to eating animals, but also the positives. Some are that they taste good, we get protein and nutrients out of them and it changes up our diet which is good.

One thing I have always been strong on is that eating animals is good, I mean I hunt and kill deer every year for the reason of meat consumption, but eating meat everyday every meal is over excessive and is one of the reasons why we there are so many cruel animal farms. This is a little off topic but when I tell people I am a hunter and kill animals I always get so mad when they tell me how cruel that is. I ask them if they eat meat and when they say yes I argue with them that they are are worse than me. The animals they eat are raised in cages that never see outside and are born strictly to be killed that never have a chance to live their life they naturally would. So at least when I am eating venison I know that deer had a shot to live a natural life like it has been before I took its life. When I was reading this book this popped up in my head a few times especially when they talked about the animal farms and the inhuman living conditions.





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