Project Proposal: Pat Watson 9/28

This fall, October 6-9 the department of theatre and dance will be preforming Henrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People” directed by Professor Denny-Todd. This is a classic play that elaborates on the destruction of our water and ecology systems through the misuse of power. I have been working on this project with James Ormerod for over a week and we have gathered data on the Flint and Toledo water crises. Whether from neglected government funding or environmental catalysts these issues are very important and relevant to this class and the play. Aside from the water crises at large in the world, we will provide educational information expounding on the destruction of ecology and water systems due to misuse of power. Since the date of the production is quickly approaching, we have began assembling pictures and data on  issues regarding the destruction of ecology and water system such as the Toledo, Ohio water crisis as well as the more well known water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Additionally, we will have posters and information in the lobby of the Chappelear Center to provide more data to anyone who would like a more extensive or educational explanation of the idea behind the play and the message that it illustrates. For this play the stage has been built out into the seating area to give a more involved feel to the production. With this, there is room behind the original stage location to have a white drop screen with projections displayed in the background behind the set during the play to add a visually descriptive reminder of what the side effects of the water and ecology crises are and how they affect the populations living in these unfortunate areas of the country. Also, the Environmental and Wildlife Club will be having a table and displaying a poster with educational information regarding the play and any relatable issues. This will hopefully further integrate the student body into not only the preforming arts program but also the bigger picture of environmental awareness.

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