Project proposal


Project title: Lobby Posters for OWU play “Enemy of the People

Project Participant(s): James Ormerod & Pat Watson

Description & overview of project:

The theater department contacted Dr. Krygier early in the semester saying that they are putting on a play that revolves are water crisis. Although the play is about 100 years old, this is still a very relevant issue facing society. Elane from the theater department wants to collaborate with students on this topic. She wants us to make poster boards to be put in the lobby of the theater after the show so that people have something to bring the message home to them. These images should represent water crisis. Elane also wanted to have images to project onto the background of the play while being preformed. We will be in the lobby after the show to talk to people about what water crisis looks like today and what solutions are happening. We chose to focus on more local events rather then a worldwide perspective, for if we cant solve our own issues here we cannot solve them elsewhere. OWU’s Environment and Wildlife club will also be making posters and lobbying with us to further promote our collaboration with the theater department.

Outline of project: 

The play is to be preformed the weekend of Friday, October 7-9th. So far we have provided them with pictures depicting water crisis in Flint, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio- and the recovery that is still happening. We will continue to do research and educate ourselves on the subject as there are many layers to a water crisis. There is the government aspect, the social part, and the scientific side to every crisis. We will provide educational posters with pictures and descriptions about how society faces these current issues.

Another part of the project revolves around what happens after the play, as we have more than half of the semester left. I want to play a trip to visit the newly build Delaware water treatment plant to see what they are doing to keep our water clean. It would encompass the chemical, governmental, and local social dilemmas of water in our world today. We could also write a report on what a modern day water crisis looks like compared to what the play depicted.


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