Current News: Carter Rae



The Paris Agreement is one of the latest agreements that sets forth efforts to curb climate change. Its objective is to put forth a global action plan prevent long term harm to the environment by agreeing on numerous limitations of carbon emissions in an attempt to keep the global average temperature “well below 2°C”, while also aiming “to limit the increase to 1.5°C”. What this article states is that the governments that agreed to this have no idea what they signed and probably also have no intention of honoring it even if they do. To effectively meet fossil fuel levels then countries would have to curb back production and stop developing future fossils fuels as well. Top government officials and politicians think they can prevent carbon emissions from rising by putting the carbon dioxide that is extracted rom the natural gas at power stations back into the ground. The author states “despite vast efforts to demonstrate the technology, it has not been proved at scale, and appears to be going nowhere. Our energy policies rely on vapourware.”

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