Current event: Brad Brodek 9/28

Chicago City Hall Green Roof Project


In the city of Chicago there can be extreme temperatures due to “urban heat island effect” which is caused by all the structures in a city. Concrete, buildings, and roads all absorb heat making the temperature hotter than normal. Another problem in Chicago is the storm water because the sewage system can not handle all the waste water when a heavy rain happens. This normally causes sewage pollution and over flows. In 2001 the rooftop garden at Chicago’s City Hall was designed to test different types of green roof systems, heating and cooling benefits, success rates of native and non-native vegetation, and reductions in rainwater runoff. Green roofs are now being put all over town to help with these problems and they are doing that. In 2002 test were ran and they found that the roof temperature reduced 70 degrees and the air temperature reduced 15 degrees. This is now being down all over citys because of this data collected showing the impact roof gardens have.





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