Project Proposal: Campus Sustainability Plan



To gain awareness, feedback and support for the Campus Sustainability Plan


Awareness: This step will involve further outreach to the OWU community so that the majority of staff, faculty, and students are aware of the draft of the plan as well as the current state of sustainability on campus. To further the awareness, a interactive online version of the plan with expandable sections and tags will be available along with longer summaries of the visions and details for the specific parts so far as they have already been developed.

Feedback: This step includes meeting with important figures on campus to receive input on the plan. This input will answer the questions ‘What does the campus want out of the plan?’ and ‘What goals are feasible for the campus?’. Meetings will include with Peter Schantz (Head of B&G), Gene Castelli (Head of Chartwells), the Sustainability Task Force, Ryan Bishop and Caroline Hamlin (representatives from WCSA), President Rock Jones, Environment and Wildlife Club, and others. Further drafts of the plan will then reflect this input where possible. The plan will also fill in details where progress is already being made on campus within the four categories.

Support: The culmination of the first two steps, awareness and feedback, will result in the final support of the campus for the final draft. This support will be included in the proposal of the plan to the trustees to show that the plan actually represents (as best as it can) the desires and the abilities of the campus for sustainability projects and policies.

Expected Outcome:

To have a final draft of the Campus Sustainability Plan to be proposed to the Board of Trustees. This draft may not be the final plan approved by the board but will be a baseline for conversations among the board addressing the desires of the campus.

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