Pacia Purcell: Environmental News

Mozambique faces race against time to end illegal logging

The Guardian

Nearly 93% of all logging taking place in Mozambique is illegal. Obviously this is having an effect of the forests as a consequence of the unsustainable deforestation that is happening, but it is also having an effect on the economy of Mozambique. The country is losing money through untaxed wood being sold. The high demand for such wood comes from China. The government has reacted to the problem by banning the sale of wood to China for several years, however this will not necessarily stop those doing so illegally. Most of the illegal activity is not detected. Mozambique has weak law enforcement and there is corruption within the government. However, the country is determined to change. They are passing new forestry and conservation laws. Only time will tell if these efforts will be enough to save the forests of Mozambique.

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