Current Event 9/21: Brad Brodek


In Bolivia Lake Poopó dried up due to the rise in temperature over the last few decades and droughts. “But climate change was the finishing blow. On average, the lake warmed 0.23 degrees Celsius, or 0.41 degrees Fahrenheit, each decade since 1985.” The lake helped feed all the villagers and gave them a way of survival by the fish. When the lake was disappearing the fish all began to die and they surfaced to the top which left a stench over the towns for weeks. All the villagers were forced to leave after this and now only 636 are living in the two villages nearby the lake when there were thousands before. Lake Poopó is one of several lakes worldwide that are vanishing because of human causes. The Uru people had to completely change their way of life because the lake dried up many now work in salt mines bagging salt to support their family that they once used to be able to do by fishing.

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