Patrick Watson: current issue 9/21

The rising see levels are no longer a scientific fear or a theoretical, far off future, it is happening right now on all over the world. This article looks specifically at American coastal changes and how they are starting to have a greater and greater effect on the local people. Luckily the sea levels have not yet reached the level that most people imagine with huge amounts of water being thrown over the sea walls and taking over cities but the time is close. With such heavily rains across the United States within the past month city after city were heavily flooded. Pumps and sea walls are no longer sufficient to hold back the sea with added waters from storms because of the higher natural level of the ocean. In a way I think this is good because it is starting to open people’s eyes to the severity and urgency of this global crisis, it is not something that one can turn a blind eye to or avoid now.
This does give rise to a certain difficult problem though, how do we fix these cities so they can remain or how do we move people in. Essentially there have been multiple grants given out recently, in light of the severe water problems, to spur city reconstructions and remodels as to make them inhabitable for people. This however is ultimately not a permanent solution and as the article states, the amount given out is vastly short of the money needed for all the cities and towns along the coasts.

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