The Fanaticism of the Apocalyspe

Pascal Bruckner’s “The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse is an unique insight into the environmental conservation. He goes about this by describing other “ecologist” thoughts and views of what they think should be undertaken, and scrutinizing religion and the way of life us humans live by. The overall message that Bruckner conveys is that humans should simplify their way of life.


The voice Bruckner uses is rash and at times a little too much for the ideas he is attempting to convey. At first it was interesting reading his absolute statements and sort of refreshing. Refreshing in the sense that most academic literature try not to veer too far off of being neutral. This style reminding me a little of Donald Trump and his “I’m right and your wrong” mentality. As is the case with Trump, this style gets a little annoying after awhile. However what Bruckner was saying did make for some good thinking points. His ideas on humans inventing new ways to ruin the Earth got my attention. The explanation on how Communism was the sort of grim reaper of the 20th century and how Capitalism keeps a stranglehold on people and their morals

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