Project: Brad Brodek

How Much Phantom Energy Do Your Electronics Use?

So I’ve been messing around with phantom energy which is the amount of energy something uses while plugged in, but not running. The main ways on a college campus we can reduce this use is unplugging the cords at night and while not being used. Here is a list of things and how much energy they use while being off and still plugged in.

Treadmill – 5.6 watts                                             Fax machine – 5.2 watts

Printer – 4.3 watts                                                 Compact stereo – 4.3 watts

Tool charger – 4.2 watts                                      Battery charger – 2.6 watts

TV, CRT (26 – 31 inches) – 1.3 watts                 Desktop computer – 2.4 watts

Modem – 1.5 watts                                                 Scanner – 1.5 watts

Monitor – 1.2 watts                                               Laptop computers – 0.7 watts

DVD player – 0.4 watts


I think if we informed students of this we could get some to unplug their cell phone chargers, laptop chargers and printers when they aren’t being used. Then if we informed staff we could get all the computers, printers, scanners and fax machines unplugged at night. I have a phantom energy outlet that how have been messing around with, but still need to play around with it more. This will record the amount of energy being wasted.


Image result for phantom energy outlet












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