Bruckner reading: Brad Brodek 9/14

Bruckner is criticizing human’s culture and religious beliefs and how it is effecting the earth. He is trying to start a movement of us to living a more basic lifestyle. Bruckner is a french writer therefor, “The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse: Save the Earth, Punish Human Beings” is translated from french to English. I think this made the book a little harder of a read and harder to understand some points he was getting at. I think that Bruckner is very educated, knows what he’s talking about and trying to send a message by writing this book, but has a hard time doing this because he writes with a negative sarcasm. One point of his book was that we humans we see the world come to an end and its our fault. Bruckner is told this is the biggest sin in his young childhood from religious school. He feels guilty about the world coming to an end.

Bruckner mentions a few things I thought were very interesting early in the book. First he says if we stop using carbon completely, the concentration of  it in the atmosphere would only drop 40% by the year 3000. It  made me better realize how much carbon emissions we have actually put in the atmosphere for it to only drop that much in about 1000 years. Another thing he mentions is that humanity on earth could actually be wiped out around 2060 because of how fast we are using our resources and polluting the earth. He references the Vikings, Mayans, and Easter Islanders and how the reason they all collapsed was themselves and their cultures and religious beliefs. He believes history is going to repeat itself but at a larger scale this time.

When he talks about us controlling weather he tries to argue that we create tsunami’s, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. I believe he is very wrong about this and doesn’t have a valid argument. Ya we can change the temperature from global warming, but how do we make volcanoes erupt? or earthquakes that happen under the earths surface.




“For centuries, we have waged war on the world by trying to dominate it; now we have to wage war on war, sign an armistice with water, trees, stones, the oceans”(p.11).  he is saying Stop fighting wars about things such as natural resources by using all them up when in war

“if we cut carbon emissions to 0 today, the concentrations of it in the atmosphere would only drop 40% by the year 3000.”(p.17) this is just a crazy stat that I thought was interesting and amazed how much carbon we have in the atmosphere

“Selfish concern about one’s own comfort can be just as lethal as premeditated murder. Eating, lodging, and travelling makes us potential assassins whose most innocuous acts have incalculable repercussions.” (p.28)  by being selfish we can cause a huge problem which could destroy humanity.

“Do We Control the Weather?” (p.77) I thought this was just interesting because it made me think more in depth. I do believe we do control so things such as temperature from global warming, but to say we control it completely is absurd to me.

“We must no longer saltroads in the winter because salt pollutes water tables … Cars will smash into trees, people will holeup at home, but at least the soil will not suffer” (p. 158). I really liked this quote because he saying like guess what its gonna snow that is what happens on earth and live with it. We can not damage the earth because of something that is supposed to happen here. 

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