Environmental Issue: Brad Brodek 9/14

Global Warming flooding coast

We all know that global warming is a thing and melting glaciers which will raise the sea level, but not everyone knows land is already being flooded because of this. There are a few exampes talked about in this article. One example is a road in Georgia along the Atlantic coast is the only way people can get to Tybee Island. This road disappears under a few feet of water every year, cutting the town off from the mainland. Another example is in Fort Lauderdale Florida there tidal flooding is the problem. These waves flood roads, drains and streets with salt water which forces the city to spend millions on repair.

Experts say land all across the U.S. is on the verge of being lost because of this global warming. Right now the floods are just a foot or two, but that is enough to stop traffic, swamp basements, damage cars, kill lawns and forests, and poison wells with salt. In a few years or decades these water levels will raise and land will be lost for good. This is all an effect of humans not listening to warnings about global warming and making any changes.







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