Pacia Purcell: Current Environmental News

Rising Sea Levels May Disrupt Lives of Millions, Study Says”

New York Times

A study done on the affects of rising sea levels on the U.S. found that previous claims have vastly underestimated the true damage the rising sea levels will have. For this study researchers used future population estimates and future predictions of sea level to predict the number of displaced Americans. They found that millions of Americans are in danger of relocation, a costly endeavor for the U.S. if necessary precautions are not taken. Those most likely to be affected are those eastern and southern coastal states, although all coastal states are in some danger. The study contributes the rising sea level to the increased rate of greenhouse gas emissions, caused by human activity. However, not all experts agree with this study and think that this may be an overestimation, but do agree that rising sea levels will be a problem in some way.


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