Environmental Issue 9/7: Brad Brodek


The environmental issue I choose this week is pollution in the great barrier reef. A Chinese coal ship “Sehn Neng 1” crashed in Australia and polluted the great barrier reef in April 2010. This pollution caused and a major clean up that needed to be done by the Australia government. Paint Toxins from the ship began peeling off and polluted 40- hectares. Also the ship’s fuel tanks suffered damage which caused oil to leak out. The Chinese paid $2.5 million dollars for this incident, but Australia wants them to pay for the full price of $92 million that were used to repair and clean the reef. The case is going to court now and we will wait to see what happens. I believe the Chinese should have to pay it all because it is 100% their fault and that wouldn’t be fair to Australia to have to pay for something they didn’t do to keep the Great Barrier Reef so special.




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