Project update: Brad Brodek

So for my project I want to find a way to reduce the amount of energy we use here at Ohio Wesleyan. When researching this topic I found that their are two main ways to do that. “There are ultimately only two levers to reduce energy usage: capital investments (better equipment) and operating adjustments (changing how energy is used).” ( I wanted to focus on lighting and electricity. So after reading this it made me think about more efficient light bulbs if possible or maybe a way to use less lights by either brighter lights (which would still have to be efficient) or spreading them out more. I also could focus on how often we have them on and reduce the amount of electricity used there.

Ways I found schools are doing to reduce the amount of electricity used could be

Obviously turn off lights when not using them. So ways to to do this are:

  1. Make signs for classrooms saying to turn off lights when last student leaves or professor.
  2. A really cool idea I found was make a group of people who go on walks around buildings/campus to make sure all the unnecessary lights are off. This could be a win win because students can get exercise while helping control these problems.
  3. Make sure all light switches are in easy places to see
  4. Teach and inform students on energy consumption.



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