Pat Watson: Environmental Issue 9/7

It is a rarity that good news is forefront in todays society, especially with the global climate crisis and other disastrous problems caused by negative human impact. That all being said the giant panda has now made it off the endangered species list. The recent release of the updated International Union for the Conservation of Nature confirmed the increase in giant panda populations across China. With decades of hard work and research the Chinese have finally nursed this species back into the growing direction. Much of this has to do with the focus on increasing panda food supply, bamboo. However due to predictions of climate change in the future it looks as though the native habitat for bamboo, and therefore pandas, may be shrinking.

It is important though to keep in mind the importance of this success, it demonstrates our ability to truly make a positive impact with the right amount of work and dedication for understanding the animal as well as its habitat. As many know, the giant panda has been a focus for animal conservationists for a long time. It has even become an icon for animal preservation in general. Perhaps this can be used as a lesson of what it truly does take to try and nurture a species back from the brink of extinction.

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