Pat Watson: Environmental Issue 8/31

Barack Obama recently expanded the preexisting marine national monument in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. This expansion is quite noteworthy for many reasons, one being the size of this newly formed monument. At nearly 600,000 square miles this monument is the largest in all of the United States. This act shows not only America but the world of the importance of marine preservation. The oceans are our most important resource and yet they are being destroyed through pollution and species extinction, by setting an example to other countries to protect their water as well as their land hopefully there can be some global improvement of ocean care and health. However there are many who are against this expansion of protected waters due to the fishing regulations. This could potentially harm the Hawaiian fishing industry and or prices. However the unique marine ecosystem harbored around the Hawaiian Islands, containing the northern most coral reef and therefore countless keystone and endangered species, is one to be protected at all costs for science and environmental health.

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