Project Ideas: Max Kerns

Possible Project Ideas for Fall 2016:

  1. I have always been interested in noise pollution and the effects it has on communities. I think it would be fascinated to do some research and find out if there would be any way to enhance the OWU community. Though a lofty Idea it would encompass but not be limited to: Sound study of the OWU campus. Traffic patterns of student and noise impact on local residence (especially in the early morning hours with effects on being a good neighbor). Potential so soundscaping along the Jay with additional messaging ideas. Effects of sound on students and study areas. Noise Pollution. Music and learning.
  2. I would also like to see the Delaware Run project come back. I have had a lot of experience with a great team. I think it would be great to continue the efforts with Delaware water in general. Maybe do an overview of water quality, including but not limited to, Delware Run, Olentangy River, Scioto River, and overall drinking water.
  3. I would also be interested in working on the Meek Retention Pond project.
  4. Final idea would be possibly looking at light pollution in the Delaware area. There is a rich history here with Perkins observatory and OWU observatory. I think it would be great to do some research on this project. We could couple this with the possibility of a turn the lights off campaign, with a special day and community outreach, maybe inlibe with an astronomical event? (both economical and beneficial) along with potential clean up of the OWU student observatory. I am sure it could use some student love.

Decision has been made to move forward with #4 and light pollution: I will be using Earth hour to help promote ideas for this project.

General Brainstorming: 9.14.16

Earth Hour Link

Emerson Link:

Huffington Posts

Cornell Link:

University of Alberta Link:

Light Pollution Link:


Things to consider:

History at OWU with astronomy. <- info on the Perkins Observatory. Only observatory in Ohio that provides public programs to tens of thousands of people every year. Founded by OWU.

Can’t find as much about student observatory though :/ Maybe try to get more info or contact someone in charge of it

Laying out the project plan for this years Earth Hour.

Earth Hour (the official one) isn’t going to happen again for another 141 days. What day will we be planning for?

Future initiatives to get the City of Delaware involved. (energy saving)

Possibly inquire about potentially adding top covers for outdoor lighting to limit the amount of light that travels upwards. I know the lights near Austin Manor could use covers and could inquire about that.


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