Project Ideas: Amanda Apicella

1) I am interested in the idea of raising mealworms by/and feeding them plastics and styrofoam for their primary diet. Mealworms apparently are able to digest/break down and even survive (and thrive healthily) on a diet solely consisting of styrofoam and other forms of polystyrene (which make up many types of plastics). The waste they produce alongside the usual CO2 from the process is also able to be used for soil for plants to grow so it is a fascinating process that may help with breaking down/recycling such a stubborn substance in our environment. It would require a lot of mealworms which doesn’t generally take up that much space but the main issue I would think is the life cycle and the time in each stage (and whether they would be able to digest it in other stages or will I just end up with a bunch of useless beetles and have to get or breed more mealworms to continuously cycle it). It is just an idea and I have a few papers/studies I am reading to look more into the technicalities of it so I just thought I would throw it out there.

Sources: Link to the Study (may require permissions) // Article by Fusion


2) Make houses and feeders for local bird populations on campus and bat houses (there are 2 species of bat in Ohio that are on the endangered/threatened species list due to white-nose syndrome and habitat loss).


3) I would also be interested in working on the Meek Retention Pond Native plantings project.


4) While I don’t know if this would be possible/feasible given the season and timing of this I would really like to help get a project with the Stratford Ecological center going by starting and maintaining bee hives on campus. They have been wanting to do it for awhile now but they would need students to help and invest in it on our end.

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