Project Idea’s: Brad Brodek

Three ideas I have for the class project are:

  1. Finding a better way to recycle old school material at the end of the semester because including myself sometimes students just throw away old notebooks and so forth when we could be recycling them.
  2. Another idea I think would be cool is to build homes for the animals around campus out of material that Owu and us students throw away daily. Animals such as stray cats, squirrels, raccoons and birds
  3. My third idea I just came up with as my roommate left the bathroom light on after he left the room. I think at a college we use a lot of energy from lights,tvs,chargers and many other. So I think it would be a good idea for us to create renewable energy that the campus can use. This will reduce the amount of nonrenewable energy we use and take away from the earth.

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