Personal Introduction: Amanda Apicella

My name is Amanda Apicella and I am currently a 5th year senior majoring in Geology with a minor in Environmental Studies (would be a major but I switched late and don’t have an independent study) and Art History. I am from Richfield, Ohio and own a mini-macaw named Jack. I also collect minerals/crystals and fossils and am a bit of a beginner rock hound. I am very passionate about science in general but my primary interest is the environment and interactions within it as well as its’ relationship/balance with human development. I love learning new things, discussion/debate, and reading so I am really looking forward to this semester.

As for my background I was born in the US but actually lived in Hong Kong, China for the first several years of my life due to my father’s work. We moved back when I was 7 as my father and one of his business partners started a company called American Environmental which provides specialty environmental, construction, and maintenance services for companies that deal with solid/hazardous waste, the environment, energy, and mining. What I always remembered is that they made landfills environmentally friendly by turning trash into mountains/hills using tarps and pipes so that they decompose properly. I have traveled to many places including Arizona (Have seen the Grand Canyon a few times), Utah, Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park), Massachusetts, Dominican Republic, and the Philippines when I was little.


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