Pacia Purcell: Introduction


Hello everyone! My name is Pacia Purcell and I’m a junior zoology and environmental studies double major. I am a member of Delta Zeta, the Equestrian Team, and I am on the Panhellenic Council. My hometown is Centerville, Indiana, which is a small farming community in the boons of Indiana. I have lived on a farm the majority of my life and love farm life. I currently have two horses, two dogs, and I recently adopted a newborn calf. My favorite pastime is definitely riding my horses, even though they sometimes hate me. I have been a vegetarian for the past eight years and hopefully after I graduate I will transition to being vegan. In the future I hope to live on and run a sustainable farm.

As far as traveling goes, I haven’t really traveled to that many cool places. When I was younger I took a vacation with my family to Mexico, although I feel like I was much too young to enjoy the culture. Also, at the beginning of the summer my friend and I traveled to South Africa to volunteer on a big cat sanctuary, which was amazing.

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