James Ormerod post#1

MEDOWLANDS – Robert Sullivan
As I quickly read through is book, I realized that Sullivan never speaks poorly of the Meadowlands. This is not a tale of how bad humans are at taking care of the land, but more of a natural account of his time learning about the Meadowlands. His descriptions of the lack of wildlife in the land is clever in how it reflects the natural surroundings,- “a small school of plastic soda bottles.” However he also comments on the wildlife in the area and how it is thriving in these poor conditions.
One of my favorite quotes was when he compare is voyage from NYC to the meadowlands to New Yorkers who are flying out West to unexplored lands when there are places they have never seem so close to home. He says, “people have packed their trunks or their backpacks or their carry-on luggage with travel books or maybe brand-new water-repellent hiking clothes or Power Bars and polypropylene underwear, and they are heading west to travel and explore. But I am creeping slowly back into the East, back to America’s first West — making the reverse commute to the already explored land that has become, through negligence, through exploitation and through its own chaotic persistence, explorable again.”
I think the Meadowlands tell us a lot about the incessant nature of… nature! Right next door you have big, bustling New York City where everything seems to be happening. But just down the road the Meadowlands exist- almost as a reminder of how nature always finds a way and will continue to do so long after we are gone.
Hello friends! My name is James Ormerod and I am a senior double majoring in Geology and Environmental Studies with a music performance minor. On campus I live in the Slu called Tree House where twelve of us work together to promote sustainability on campus and in Delaware. I was born in Cambridge, England and enjoy being out in nature more than sitting in an office.
Costa Rica makes is 113 days and counting surviving on 100% renewable energy.
1. re-vamp the bike sharing system. write a grant to fund fixing up bikes behind tree house.
2. something with music and the environment in a group
3. organize a group trash clean up of Blue Limestone Park

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