Introduction: Patrick Watson

Hello, my name is Patrick Watson. I am from Independence, Ohio in Cuyahoga County roughly 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland. I am a senior here at Ohio Wesleyan taking this course for my both my majors and minor in Geography. I am a dual major in Environmental Studies and Urban Studies with minors in Geography and Botany. I haven’t been able get much real world experience or utilize the travel learning courses at OWU like I planned to as a freshman; although I was fortunate enough to take a trip with Dr. Johnson to The Great Smokey Mountains National Park this past semester for Biodiversity of the Flowering Plant (BOMI 252.)  I grew up hunting and fishing in Ohio so I am quite acclimated to spending  time outdoors and hope to spend some time working in Portland, Oregon for a sustainable organic farming venture after i graduate this spring.

I started my quest at OWU because my sister went here and finished up with the 2013 class which opened my eyes to Ohio Wesleyan and its course work as well as its background with Environmental Studies and Botany programs. Few Universities offer adequate programs in Botany; a leading factor in my choice of schools. In my free time I really enjoy reading, working out and spending as much time outdoors as possible. All in all I am an open minded, relaxed and laid back individual and look forward to seeing what this course brings to mind.

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