Introduction: Jassiem Shabazz

Hi my name is Jassiem Shabazz and I am a senior this year at OWU. I am from Silver Spring, Maryland; a city about 10 minutes from DC. In terms of traveling, I have been to just about every state on the eastern side of the state and no where on the west. I have also been to a few states in the south. Out of country wise, I have been to South Africa and Spain and loved them both.

I am also a Psychology Major and Spanish Minor. Over this past summer I spent my time interning in DC at a mental health/group therapy day program. There I received a lot of incite about leading group therapy sessions as well as the field of mental health. I am not quite sure what I want to do in the future, but something psych or law based would be ideal.

In my free time I love playing basketball, chilling with my friends and brother, as well as finding new music. I also watch a lot of TV shows (Walking Dead, Thrones, Sopranos), so feel free to talk to me about that. All and all I look forward to learning a lot in this class this semester being that I have not taken a Geography class at OWU before.

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