Introduction: Carter Rae

Hey guys. My name is Carter Rae and I am a senior here at OWU. My hometown is Darien, Connecticut which is a 40 minute train ride from New York City. There I like to go boating with my friends and hangout doing whatever during the summer while usually playing video games and staying isolated inside during the winter. I like to travel when I get the opportunity to. I’ve been all over the Eastern seaboard as well as to Europe twice and Central America twice. During my Junior year is when I made it the farthest West going to Colorado during the fall and then all the way to California during the spring.

My major here at OWU is Geography as I am interested somewhere in between Sustainable Energy and Real Estate. Taking courses here such as Geography of the Global Economy and Remote Sensing really opened my eyes to what the vast field of Geography covers.


Current News: Plastic Bag Usage Falls By 85% in England

Since passing a law that charges 5 pence (or 7 cents) for every plastic bag used six months ago, England has experienced a rapid drop in the usage of plastic bags. During this six month span roughly 500 million single use plastic bags have been saved.This change is dramatic when compared to 2015 when an estimated 7 billion bags were handed out to customers in stores. This tax only applies to stores with 250 employees or more and when it comes to meat and similar goods, the tax is exempt.

The effects of this simple little tax can potentially have an immense impact on the environment, specifically the oceans. “Around 8m tonnes of plastic somehow make their way into the world’s oceans each year, and experts estimate that around 31 species of marine mammals and more than 100 species of sea birds end up ingesting plastic.” Protecting and preserving the ocean and the wildlife that inhabits it is a must not only to keep the fish healthy. Making sure the ecosystems are behaving properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to our food supply. If plastics enter the waters then the whole ecosystem is at risk of being tampered with.

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