Environmental News: Brad Brodek

Deer population problems in northeast Ohio is becoming a big problem and I am very interested in it. In the article below this problem is talked about and also some stats are given.


The reason I am so interested in the deer population in northeast Ohio is because I deal with it everyday at work. Working for the metro parks and landscaping for the past three summers I had to spray plants that were continually being eaten because the deer population is so high they come out of the woods and eat resident’s flowers and so forth. The biggest reason I am interested in it is because of how many deer I saw dead on the side of the roads or even in the metro parks that I had to dispose of. This summer alone there were two adult deer and two fawns killed at my work which is relatively small in area. In the article it has some possible solutions such as allowing bow hunting and deer birth control which I believe could help but not sure it would solve the problem. I posted this also to see if anyone else has any deer problems from where they are from or any ideas that could be discussed about this topic.

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