Current Issues: Max Kerns

I read this article a few weeks back and found it really interesting.

Colorado Towns Work to Preserve a Diminishing Resource: Darkness

As long as I can remember I have been deeply interested in space and looking into the night sky. Growing up in  Columbus, Ohio it was rare to see the full magnificence of the  sky without street lights. I still remember to this day, being on a field trip in high school to a remote area of Ohio. I remember walking back from the camp fire with some friends and looking up at the sky and yelling out. The sky was amazing, you could clearly see the Milky Way and it was glorious. I have always thought as that moment as being profound. I do not know why, but somehow being shrouded from the night sky makes humans forget that they are small in the grander scheme of things. I imagine, though in a smaller sense, the feeling at looking back at the planet or seeing the Earth from space, knowing that everything you knew, all of humankind’s greatest achievements, all things that define us are moving through space. It is quite humbling, and for me makes me think more deeply on my impact as I am here. I also think about how it makes humans question their place and how throughout history we were more bound by the cosmos. There is more than just my personal experience that is affected by this so I thought I would share.

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