Dixon Stoddard

I think the book was again informative and really brought a lot of facts and knowledge of what “trash” really is. Its not just stinky, smelly unwanted stuff. Instead its an economic geography. There is a flow of capital that transcends the production and consumption of the product or materials. It the economics behind the disposal, clean up, and collection of trash is very hidden from the public eye. I think that there are many unusual places that we don’t see as being helpful like hoarders, and the book points this out. I also think that the book doesn’t exactly look at the solutions that can help cut back on the waste that humans produce. There are examples of places that have been able to effectively reduce their waste but this has only been seen in small scales. I also think that so many people don’t understand the dangerous toxic chemicals that every day trash leaches into our environment. It was a good book, and very informative even though it had no real plan to put in place

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