Book Notes and Current Events

It is very interesting to read about the amount of trash that society generates throughout world. One the other hand it is very depressing to see the state of our landfills.

In chapter 1, We read about the 130 million tons of garbage that is in the Puente Hills Landfill near Los Angeles. The size of the landfill could potentially have its very own ecosystem which is a crazy thing to think about. Later the author discusses how we as consumers add to the landfills with the goods that we purchase and let go to waste.

Chapter 2,

New York city, one of the largest cities in the U.S. No surprise that it is a large producer of garbage.  It is interesting to see that in history their was a need to keep New York clean due to the possible pandemic that could be caused by the lack sanitation.

Chapter 3,

Here the author points out that the some of the garbage that people throw out is not always garbage to some people. Also this came with a disturbing twist a Robert Glen was found dead mixed in with a bunch of trash. This is quite unsettling but at same time it is not surprising.

Chapter 4,

Here Humes discusses the history of landfills. We also see the idea of making garbage into a renewable energy source but has fallen short due to local not wanting to have this. With this process comes a large amount of pollution as well.

Chapter 5,

This chapter is about two projects that were designated to clean up the trash that was off shore. We hear of one lady Mary Crowley and her experiences working to clean up the pacific garbage patch.

Chapter 6,

Here we see the unintentional consequences from the use of plastics and the impact that it has had on the world. This is kinda of sad to hear about when we hear about ocean creatures dying because of our ignorance.

Chapter 7,

We the distance in which garbage travels throughout the world. In some cases garage has traveled over 200 miles.

Chapter 8,

This chapter discusses the amount of trash that was thrown away by the U.S. Army. Over 2.5 million tons of food waste.

Chapter 9,

Out of garbage we see this influence for art that is created out of garbage.

Chapter 10-12,

The last two chapters discuss how garbage has changed peoples lives. Also how Oregon is one of the greenest cities in the U.S. Then it is also stated that the rest of the U.S. should model ourselves to become more green.

Current event,

This is a little different, Online mapmakers are charting the Syrian conflict. Amateur cartographers report on the shifting battle lines to create maps that are the most up to date on the hostilities. If you would like to learn more click the link:Syria

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