Good News For Tigers!!

Tiger Numbers Show Increase for the First Time in a Century

BBC News


Recent studies have shown that for the first time in a century tiger numbers in the wild are increasing. Every species of tiger is endangered and at risk of becoming extinct in the near future. Few species did not make it to the 21st century, like the caspian tiger, bali tiger and the javan tiger. In 1900 there was an estimated 100,000 tigers in the wild. That number decreased to 3,200 by 2010. Cambodia has declared them functionally extinct. As top predators, these animals are very important to maintain a healthy ecosystem. They are also a charismatic species, and losing them would be devastating. With all of that in mind, it is terrific news that reports have shown increasing population numbers. However, the senior vise president of conservation at WWF has warned that this increase could be due to improved data collecting. He follows up that statement by saying that regardless, the trend is moving in the right direction. Their possible increase in numbers could be due to better habitat protection and harsher laws against poaching. WWF is optimistic and hopes to double their numbers by 2022. If that goal is met, it would be an amazing feat and set a good precedent for other animals. Good news is often hard to find. Rising tiger numbers are a silver lining rarely seen in today’s climate. Tiger numbers

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