Project Update: Rain Garden

Things are on their way for the rain garden! After consulting with Dr. Dan Fink on the plants previously chosen I have made a visual representation of what both finished plots will look like. With our 800 dollar budget, I have made up an order for Cardno Nursery. The plants are going to be ordered as plugs. It is true that plugs may not survive as well as gallon or quart plants. However, Plugs are cheaper than quart or gallon plants and are more likely to survive and grow than seeds. Plugs are the best when considering quantity survivability and cost. For the plot that is going to be on the northern tip of the pond the species are common boneset, brown fox sedge, spotted joe-pye weed, turtlehead, swamp milkweed, common ironweed, prairie blazing star and new england aster. The species that are going to be planted by the patio are copper-shouldered oval hedge, purple coneflower, purple prairie clover, stiff goldenrod, white wild indigo and nodding onion. I have submitted the information and forms necessary to receive a estimate from the nursery. I did calculate a rough estimate myself using their price pdf sheet. Cardno policy is to order plugs in quantities of 32 or fifty. Currently, the order is as follows:

Cooper shouldered oval hedge – 50

Purple coneflower – 32

Purple prairie clover – 32

Stiff goldenrod – 32

White wild indigo – 32

Nodding onion – 32

Common boneset – 50

Brown fox sedge – 50

Spotted Joe-pie weed – 32

Turtlehead – 32

Swamp milkweed – 32

Common ironweed – 32

Prairie blazing star – 32

New England aster – 32

These numbers are subject to change as the shipping costs are yet to be known. The nursery should contact me tomorrow with the estimate. Next steps need to be taken to receive the funds, survey the plots, and take photos. If possible, it may be beneficial to dig the ditch and prepare the land on a different day before planting as that is the task that requires the most work. Volunteers will be needed to dig. A date can be set to dig and prepare sometime before finals become a conflict. Planting can be done with one or too people. I can always rope my boyfriend into helping me if the plant order comes in close to finals.

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