Placing Animals

The fur factories sound particularly terrible in this book. I have never found a reasonable use for fur farms or any type of cosmetic animal testing. The section on geography is also very interesting.

“Geography is central to both our everyday interactions with animals and to academic interest in understanding the variety of human-animal relationships around the world”

Geography obviously influences how successful humans are in survival as is shown throughout all of history. There are several novels about how humans traveling around the world are dependent on the environment they live in, the animals surrounding them, and the natural challenges in their way.

“Consider what we do to pets today to make them presentable to live in our homes with us”

“Animals are not brethren they are not underlings; they are other nations,  caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth”

This concept was especially interesting to me because I have never though of them as other nations. I have considered thinking of animals as having all the same rights as humans but when that happens, I have to assume they have the same responsibilities as well. As a nation, animals would have to be responsible for any actions that they commit against other nations and they would be responsible for protecting their nation. Neither of these things actually occurs. Animals do not have the responsibilities that humans do and they cannot protect themselves from other animals and humans so some humans have taken to protecting them.

“Animals are sacrificing themselves for science and for humans so that we can have a better world.”

“Consent could be manufactured by placing food near the animal’s head, causing it to nod or by placing something on its head that the animal would want to shake off, and thus make it seem actively to agree”

Consent cannot be given without understanding and animals have no way to obtain the understanding necessary. However, animals are an integral part of our life and removing them from research will set us back decades from discovering medical treatments and saving lives.

Over eighty-seven million citizens over the age of sixteen participated in wildlife-related activities”

To end, I would like to share a video I found on the internet that shows vegans standing up for animals:

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