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Last year New York Blood Center ended their funding for 66 chimpanzees that had previously been retired to a life in Liberia. NYBC had been paying for caretakers to feed them and ensure they are being cared for, but decided they could no longer afford this. By cutting this funding they essentially gave a death sentence to the 66 chimps as there is limited naturally grown food in the chimps’ home. This came after spending 30+ years performing experiments on these chimps and earning an approximate $500,000 from the findings of that research. The Humane Society of the United States quickly stepped in, paying for food and water to be given to the chimps by their caretakers. Donations poured in in order to ensure the chimps’ safety, petitions were signed, and hundreds of people protested NYBC demanding they keep their promise to care for the chimps.

NYBC has not responded to the demands, and yet petitions are still being signed and protests are still taking place. Finally Citigroup has announced, after receiving a petition with 224,000 signatures, that they will donate $50,000 to the chimps. I found this a very exciting and motivating response from a group that has/had no use of the chimps, but decided to step in and provide financial assistance. Whether they did it out of the goodness of their heart or to look good in the eyes of their possible customers, I am still glad they are doing it. More information can be found herechimps

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