Environment and Society

Reading a textbook is usually what I expect from my classes, being a science major so it was familiar territory. However, that’s not to say I like reading textbooks more. Personal accounts and novels have an easy going, exciting quality to them that makes them much easier to read than textbooks. However, this particular textbook was not so dense that it wasn’t enjoyable to read. It was full of relevant information from an unbiased perspective given in a concise and clear manner.

As different as textbooks and novels are, this textbook does quite a nice job of tying in many different theories and ideas present in the other books we have read and discussed in class.

The wilderness is a land uninterrupted by humans and nature is the separation between the humans and the earth. The text also brings up the question of whether or not ethics and philosophy have enough strength to overturn the industry of factory farms and save animals from being manufactured and killed. I especially enjoyed the coffee section. I like the idea that the traditional way of growing coffee is in an environment with other fauna and foliage.

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